Friday, 3 February 2012

Using reverse psychology

I wouldn’t read this if I were you.

How I love my little jokes.

Sometimes kids just won’t do what you want them to.

And there’s no end of tactics parents will resort to in order to get their little charges to follow instructions.

But there are some tricks tactics that seem to work more often than not.

Telling them not to do something is pretty much a guarantee* of getting them to do it.

One school night this week, we got home, and I really fancied playing with figures, cars, Lego, a board game or whatever with my son.

Just some play based interaction with junior.

He wasn’t interested.

At. ALL.

So, thoroughly saddened I concocted a complex plan to turn his disinterest into, err, interest.

Sit down to do some work, and see what happens.

And half way through making one overdue invoice…..

Please, please, please come and play with me

How I basked in my parenting genius.

Until I found myself as no more than a glorified observer of him playing Skylanders.  Sure, he billed me as his ‘helper’ – organising figures into their groups, and handing them to him as required – but I really was just watching.

Still, good fun that actually allowed me to pop in and out to make our dinner.

Now, buoyed but my fool proof system of child behaviour manipulation, I’ve spent the week hatching another genius plan of the same ilk.

For weeks – and like all school kids – he just doesn’t lie in come Saturday morning.  Thursday and Friday, for sure, you can bet I am shaking him awake just in time for his breakfast-teeth-clothes-hair-walk-to-school protocol, but cometh the weekend.

No chance.

So, here’s my plan……..

I’ve told him there is school tomorrow morning.

I shall report upon my brilliance in due course.

*not a guarantee