Thursday, 22 March 2012

Children's lunchboxes, it's the outside that counts

Anyone been watching the child lunchbox story line on Coronation Street?

No, me neither.

I don't watch that crap, nah, not me, no way, forget I said anything.

I know nothing of recent story lines mirroring life, of junk food being pushed through school railings at lunch times, of little Maxwell (think that's his name) being forced to have school dinners as his packed lunches were deemed unhealthy.

But while I'd drifted to that point, who cares what's in a child's lunchbox anyway?

Well, apart from everybody?

I am all for kids eating healthily (not sure who wouldn't be), and having food information available, but ramming: eat this, that's banned, you can't drink that, are not messages that work for me.

And in any case, I like to concentrate on what really matters.

The outside.

It's what on the outside that counts.

That's my campaign slogan.

No more do I want to see a child drag along to school a cushioned plastic cuboid sack with a generic character on.

Worst still, saddled with a plain and brittle plastic box, with only colour to express themselves or mood.

Generic is just selling yourself short dudes.

So, no more of this please.

And much more of this.

That's actually the one my boy presently takes to school.

I know it's technically depicting the worst of all the Star Wars films, and when I asked for a lunchbox (yes, it was originally bought for me, many Tatooine moons ago) I asked for a New Hope homage and shroud for my sandwiches, but it's still Star Wars, it's still cool.

However my lad has recently asked me to furnish him with an even cooler lunchbox.

And no, not because his sandwiches are too warm, but because his Star Wars box is cracked in one corner.

But his sandwiches would be ice cold in this bad boy.

Mind, if I bought it, including costs of imported it from America, I probably wouldn't be able to afford to put sandwiches in it.

But it's what he's asked for.

He'll just have to take it to school empty.

That's healthy, right?