Sunday, 1 April 2012

Could a Honda be the answer?

Well, I suppose that depends very much on the question.

Ever since my sister had the Honda Civic Type R, Japanese cars have been very much on my radar.

See to me a car is all about freedom at your convenience.  And it is never very convenient if your car breaks down, so cars with a strong reliability record – like Hondas seem to have a reputation for - always stand out for me.

I’ve written before about the best family car, and that our idea of what that means may be very different to what you may read in Autocar.

We like to tinker here, and Newbold Snr (Granddad) has built his own complete car in the past, Newbold Jnr (Moi) has restored a pick-up truck, and Newbold Jnr Jnr (Max) is always willing to get his hands dirty too.

Not that you need to if you have a box of mechanics gloves always lying around.

The boy can cut cable ties neatly without even looking.


The force is strong in him.

It’s great fun explaining how things work on a car, especially as I don’t really understand myself.  So I’m learning while I’m teaching, if that makes sense.

It certainly does to me.

Max considers it enjoyable too, far from a grubby oil change being a distinctly unpleasant task to perform, and one he moans: "Do I have to, Dad?" about, it's much more: "What else can we do?" and "When will it need changing again?"

It may be something to do with him feeling grown up and playing his part in helping, but also to satisfy his thirst for understanding how things work.

Being a very practical child, it's a great way of stretching his learning in English and maths by reading a car manual, or measuring how much oil we need.

Long may it continue.

I await the day that he asks me to help with his own cars, and I'm not so sure I'll be asking: "Do I have to, Son?"

Post written in collaboration with Honda UK.