Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What Habits Do Our Children Pick Up From Us?

As a father, it is quite common to hear how much your son or daughter resembles you or the specific ways in which their behaviour reminds everyone of you. Thinking about the ways in which we influence our children and the habits, both good and bad, they pick up from watching us can teach us a lot. These learned behaviours often take a lot of work to change and most will become part of a child’s personalities, routines and characters for the rest of their lives.

As a start point to your examination, begin by looking at how you were influenced by my father. Whether you remember him shaving with a cutthroat razor in the mirror following a precise routine or utilising hair clippers to keep most of his facial hair in check, chances are you follow a very similar routine. Though this is just a simple example but it illustrates how habits are often passed directly from father to son.

Many of the habits our children pick up from us are down to the fact that we are the individuals they spend the most time with, are most dependent on and look up to for an example. Others can be attributed to the way in which we teach our kids to do things a certain way a lot of the time. Is it any surprise that they continue to use this method for the rest of their lives?

Watching your children over a period of a week you may be amazed to witness small quirks and behaviours that could be easily attributed to someone else. Most of the time we just aren’t self aware enough to recognise our own behaviour and habits – until someone points them out or we view them through another, like our children. Whether it’s a daily grooming routine, a certain way of sitting or even the type of language which we use – children are often scarily accurate reflections of ourselves. Understanding how our behaviour influences them can ensure you set the right example and even help you address any quirks of your character you’re unhappy with.