Tuesday, 29 May 2012

So, I bought a girl's car

Remember last summer when I decided it was the way forward to split my ageing 7-seater family car into two?

Motivated by ridding myself of the silent killer of depreciation and reducing my car insurance?


Well now one car, has become three cars.

I’ve asked myself many times what the best family car is, and of course, when money is very much the object it can change the boundaries a little.

When my wife died I was left with two cars, a sporty 2+2, and a Toyota RAV4, that she loved.

I stuck with the 4 x 4 for a while, then decided it was a little thirsty for a family that had gone from earning enough to comfortably cover the bills on two cars, to one living partly off their savings.

This is when I made the change to a diesel Vauxhall Zafira.

Good car actually.  Reasonable cheap to insure, up to 40 MPG and when bits fell off they were always reasonable cheap to replace.

But its value dropped quicker than Fernando Torres’ after his £50 million pound move to Chelsea.

Plus, living in the country, when bits did invariable fall off I was left very isolated while it was repaired.

So, last summer – inspired by a friend of mine following his dream of owning an auto-bodies repair shop – I had the ingenious idea of buying two cheap cars.

Ones I would enjoy driving, and ones that wouldn’t depreciate much further.

Thinking I may actually be able to add value to them in fact.

An old Land Rover Defender and VW Mk1 Caddy Pick-up truck were quickly procured.

Both cars that I actually like.  And enjoy driving.

However I made the mistake of both cars being two-seaters, and despite the majority of my journeys just needing two seats, it quickly became annoying at the times I had more bums than seats.

Add to this the pick-up is still a little way from being back on the road (I forget I didn’t have the ability to fuse metal together) another car purchase has been brewing.

And here she is.

It’s a 'he' actually.  As the lovely lady I bought the car from informed me, that she had christened him, Yari.

Not very glam, and despite ridiculously cheap car insurance, 50+ MPG and a sound performance history, a few have said: “I can see the sense, but I’m not quite there yet.”

Well I am.  The only thing I can’t work out is that with this many cars if my need for breakdown cover is greater or smaller than it was before.