Friday, 22 June 2012

Honey, I shrunk the kids

We have friends that live in London.

Because we are THAT cool.

And because we have friends in London, it means we have a cost effective (i.e. free) base for visiting our nation’s capital.

Very handy when we fancy a visit to the Natural History or Science museums.

We also have to admit to quite liking to see our actual friends from the big smoke, and spending time in their company.

However, they recently went and fouled that all up by starting a family of their own.  The selfish swines.

What was basically our room (although they may argue that point) has been turned into a nursery.

How very dare they.

It’s like they think it’s their house or something.

But not ones to be put off by home alterations and the early morning calling sounds of a newborn baby, we headed to see them over the recent school holiday.

I’d actually been itching to go see the little one, quite unlike me, but my London chums have been so good to Max and I over the recent years (free stowage aside) that we’ve grown really close, and I really needed to see their newborn son.  And witness how they were adjusting to life as parents.

If they were fed up of talk of the best pushchairs and what your baby should and shouldn’t be doing.

Plus, I’d clocked the baby wasn’t sleeping in his *huffs* room yet, so there was still time for one final night in it.

We had a great stay.

I think parents to babies can be very self-conscious and apologetic for the lack of extravagance in their entertainment offerings.  What with being busy and tired with a baby and all that, but that is lovely entertainment in itself, and was well worth the visit.

They’ve also done a great job of decorating the nursery.  He’s going to love it.

However, I did wake up there in a state of panic.

No, not because the baby was making a row or I’d realised I may have to actually book a hotel in the future, but as I’d woken up under several of these bad boys.

It was a real, Honey I’ve Shrunk The Kids moment.

Took a few seconds to realise I hadn’t been reduced to a tiny size overnight, and was stuck under a leaf.

Not sure what they’d put in my food.

Most likely nothing.

One positive I did deduce, post short panic, was that their ‘spare room’ is definitely much better off as a nursery.