Friday, 1 June 2012

Taking advantage

Yesterday we took advantage of my son's school being one of the seemingly very few to take an inset day.

I miss the pre-school days.

Father son days, where we would enjoy wherever we fancied without much of a queue, and also at rock bottom prices as venues would charge off-peak prices.

Yesterday felt like one of those days again.

So we took advantage, and decided on a day out at Waterworld, near Stoke.

Where we took advantage of their term-time entry prices, bettered by me cutting out a two-for-one voucher from a local paper.

We enjoyed four-and-a-half hours of splashing, sliding, swimming, climbing, leaping, riding rapids and waves all for less than a tenner.


Then today I've taken advantage of my son, and his second inset day.

I told him we were headed to the museum of dust, not something he was excited by, and not true either.

We were actually headed to my friend's car bodies repair shop to check out how my chum, Paul, was getting on with my vintage Mk1 VW Caddy pick up truck.

Paul and I have been taking advantage of one another, I'm creating a web site for him, and he's welding together a car I should have known better to buy.

So as well as inspecting his handy work, I was there to pick up some photos and direction for his presence on the world wide web.

He's a VW expert, whereas I am a VW fan.

Which means we both get our hands dirty on Volkswagens, but for every 30 minutes he works on one, I would need to do the equivalent in hours to achieve the same results.

And that's only when it's something medial, I can't do most of the stuff he can.  I'm not sure I could even learn how to weld.  Not safely anyway.

He know's what he's doing, and I like to think I do.

But that's VW all over.

Safe, good fun, and a car for the experts and for those of us (me) that know little about cars (despite their claims).