Thursday, 14 June 2012

Visting Legoland from Weybridge

Now, I’m not sure that many families consider staying in Weybridge for visiting Legoland, instead opting for the more popular – and closer – Windsor and Slough areas.

But Weybridge, the Best Western Ship Hotel specifically, is absolutely perfect for folks who don’t like queuing, and prefer their own relative peace and quiet to that of a hotel full of overexcited youngsters.

Without wanting to give a false impression of being a miserable sod, I do have to admit to being in that group.  Preferring our own relative calm, and environment that welcomes children, but expects a certain level of behaviour.

Visiting Legoland was the main attraction for staying with Best Western in Weybridge, but it’s clearly a well placed base for visiting many places, London being the prominent one amongst them.

That’s what many of our fellow hotel guests were doing.  We stayed over the Jubilee weekend, and many groups were off to see the events of the day, enjoying a short walk to Weybridge train station then a 30-minute train trip to London’s Waterloo.

Probably one of the main reasons that Weybridge is such a desirable place to live in England.

On the day we chose to visit Legoland we took a B road route (B386 and B383), which was about 10 miles long, and took us less that 30 minutes to drive.  There was some satisfaction in arrived gracefully from the South, as we watched the huge queue edging in from the North.

And for note, we’d previously visited Legoland over two-days, but decided this time to see if it could be done in a single day.  Which I found it can be.  You need good planning – possibly even a spreadsheet – and be prepared to be there from opening to closure, but it can be squeezed into one day rather than spread over a couple.

Our own Jubilee activities that weekend we somewhat curtailed by the weather, but they still took us to a nearby park celebration in Reigate.

Max loved it.

Even riding a horse for the first time to mark the occasion.

I’d never seen a ride like that before, there’s nothing like that at Legoland.

Back at the hotel the staff were very pleasant.  Incredible helpful and polite, just like the ones at Bath’s Abbey Hotel.

With these trips – provided to us by being part of Best Western’s Year of Get Up and Go – I’ve not been sure if the hotel’s staff are on their best behaviour due to knowing the nature of our stays.  I’m not exactly very stealth.

For this particular stay my parents also booked-in as paying guests, so it was good to see how they were treated for comparison.  And I was always keeping my eye out for how other hotel guests were being dealt with.

And I found that The Ship’s staff were consistently pleasant and welcoming.  Making us all feel very comfortable.  Max was so at ease after our check-in he was off asking if the hotel had any information on Legoland.

The hotel rooms were of a good size, slightly warmer than I would normally like, but not uncomfortable.

Food, its choice and quality, was excellent.

We all enjoyed hearty steaks in the hotel’s restaurant the night after our trip to the land of the plastic mini-figure.

Breakfast was superb, and varied.  My son again made to feel confident enough to order for himself and others.

To get the full range of food available we also ate in the bar.  My parents taking advantage of a special deal on a two or three course dinner.

So again, in summary, I believe I’ve found a hotel that wouldn’t be immediately obviously for a family considering a visit to Legoland, or one into London, but one that makes that sort of trip very convenient and possibly more pleasant than it would be if staying in one of those more obvious and popular hotels.

And is it a genuine family hotel? Well, I think this answers that question.

We found out it does have a tooth fairy.