Friday, 13 July 2012

Help, a bean bag ate my child

We were afforded the opportunity to get all patriotic last week, when Bean Bag Bazaar decided they’d like to give us a choice of bean bags from their extensive range.

How the devil do you choose to embrace being British over a bag full of plastic balls I don’t hear you say. Well, the answer is by choosing one of their Union Jack bean bags of course.

And as this one is also so big, it comes with the added advantageous feature of being able to swallow loud and brash children (almost) whole.

That certainly dampened his ability to ridicule my Nintedo Wii game play as we sat comfily together.

Which is where I think we shall spend the majority of our time on it, playing games and watching TV in Max’s playroom in cushioned comfort.

I do have another giant bean bag in our lounge, but have found this one to be even comfier, even though it is still durable and resistant enough to be used outside.

The colour, or colours, we chose may not suit everyone, but in the year of the London Olympics and 60th Jubilee, we think it fits perfectly in our home.

Plus I can now dispense with my Union Jack ear defenders.