Friday, 6 July 2012

Parent's view of Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Only a fool turns down a review copy of Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes, a fool I tell you.

We recently got sent a copy of Lego Batman 2 for the Nintendo Wii, and if you thought it was just girls that got excited about shoeboxes, think again.

How cool is that?

You can shove your Jimmy Wotsits and your Dolce Bananas where the sun doesn’t always shine, is all I can type.

As massive fans of super heroes we were excited to give this game a blast.  I’ve been a long-time admirer of the Lego series of console games, although my experience to date has largely been restricted to handheld versions on the PSP and Nintendo DS.

We were quickly underway, my seven-year-old son setting the game up while I made us a drink.

The game is everything we’ve come to expect from the Lego film character mashup.

Funny, quirky graphics and video spliced between action and problem solving balanced game play.

With the recent mood of the Batman franchise, the move to darker stuff, the game can sometimes feel a little dark too.

The game play isn’t sinister at all, it’s just that you do have to consider changing the contrast on your TV to counteract the setting of the game.

Playing as two players, particularly with someone who may not be as quite up to speed as you (I’ll let you guess which way round it is in this house) can sometimes be annoying in games of this type.

Not only because you think you can play their character better, but because where they are in the game can sometimes limit where you can go.  You can spend time waiting for them to catch up, or fall with them, as the game dictates you are both always within the same screen shot.

This game gets round that by having a neat split screen feature.  It only kicks in when required, and does need a bit of getting used to, but it means that you are free to explore all the platforms independently of your playing partner.

For young kids this game is great for the problem solving aspect, and also for them as a tool to embarrass their parents.

My boy worked out a couple of the puzzles much quicker than me.  There was one where Robin had to spray liquid into a series of containers, my son immediately working out they were colour coded, and as thus the liquid they required sploshing into them needed to be too.

It’s also good from a not playing too much aspect.  Sure it’s addictive, but you can play it one stage at a time, meaning that if you want to limit a child’s console play it’s easily done and negotiated.

The characters available in this game are wicked.  It’s Lego Batman 2, but don’t ignore the DC Super Heroes bit.  Means that the Dynamic Duo are joined by others from the DC Comic stable.  We solved a level using Superman tonight, I say we, I mean my boy did.  And there’s others we’ve still to unlock like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash.

That will keep me interested, for sure.

I’d bother to include a few words and quotes about the game from my son, but I have a much easier way of judging his thoughts.  Since we’ve had the game, two weeks or so, his Skylanders have stayed in their box.

The longest since he’s had them, so I can confidently say Lego Batman 2 is a hit with him.