Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The great UK barbecue summer of 2012

That never came.

I bloody love grilling animals outside.

Who doesn’t?

Apart from those abdicating from their place in the food chain vegetarians?

It’s something I’ve genuinely missed doing this summer due to the persistently poor weather.  We’ve still managed to squeeze a few in, but the total number is less than a handful.

And you don’t need very big hands.

So I was delighted when Phillips said they could send me something that would change all that, and allow me to be barbecuing all year long.

No, they didn’t send me an industrial strength gazebo and waterproofs, they sent me one of these bad boys:

It’s a Philips HD6360 Avance Infuser Grill to be precise.

And it allows you to take your barbecuing inside.

It has two sides, one with raised edges to give you that look you get when resting your stuff on a barbecue, and it also gives you a flat surface for things like toasting your burger buns.

There are also two features to let you infuse tastes a further way.  There’s a little tub for smoking wood chips, which lets you use and infuse different tastes and spices.  Plus there’s a liquid reservoir that lets you add water, and thus steam to your cooking process, or you can also fill it with wine for further flavour.

To be honest those features, whilst they had me salivating reading their instructions, are a little lost on me.  I do like fine food, but my taste palate is really not sofistikated (sic) enough for subtle flavours, and I was really just interested in using it as a barbeque grill.

Phillips set us a simple cooking challenge.

Armed with the grill.

And an assistant.

I was challenged to make these.


And despite my Sous Chef not paying attention not nearly enough, we didn’t do that bad a job.

I think we made a half-decent effort of making our cheeseburgers with apple & mushrooms.  They were delicious.

The grill is very straightforward, and I’ve used a similar thing in the past that even Hulk Hogan passed on, but this one works much better.

Having a lid is a huge benefit, as is having better control of temperature.  I know - from experience - one of the bug bares of this type of grill is cleaning it after use, but with this one it is simple. You can lift the grilling tray off, and stick it in the dishwasher.


But with some considerable comic irony timing, as soon as we sat down to eat the first items made on our new Phillips grill, the heavens duly opened for precipitation business.

You can even see my rain sodden barbecue rusting into old age in the background.

Don't get jealous old friend, there's room for both of you in our lives.