Monday, 17 September 2012

Who knew dinosaurs were made of chocolate?

Okay, so my headline may not totally be true.

They are made of biscuit too.

Check out these bad boys.

The lovely folks at Cadbury recently asked if we’d like to check out their new addition to the Cadbury Animals family, Cadbury Mini Animals Dinosaurs!

It doesn’t take a prehistoric genius to work out what we said.

When they arrived my boy, Max, said:

“I’ve seen these advertised.”

“They look awesome.”

“I mean, I already love Cadbury Animals, and now they come as dinosaurs.”

I could finish my review there, but of course I wouldn’t be doing it properly if I didn’t test out these novel looking biscuits personally now would I.

The first thing I actually checked was the saturated fat content.


I’ve become a little obsessed with the amount of ‘treat’ food we no longer seem to see as that, instead consuming them more so as the norm.  So I’ve been targeting snacks high in saturated fat for removal from our daily rituals, but, of course, not completely from our diets.

My findings were reasonably pleasing.

It seems the low figure (when compared with other products I’d been sending in my son’s school lunchbox without paying enough attention) is in some part down to the overall amount or weight in each bag, but I actually think that is a good thing.

The subtle lower figure is not really noticed, and there are enough little dinosaurs to be a perfect sweet treat after a school dinner, or with a cup of tea (when the boy isn’t looking).

I was actually a little worried that these new biscuits wouldn’t taste like the gorgeous Cadbury Animals that I am used to.

With Cadbury now in American ownership I’ve heard mutterings of the recipe changing for the chocolate, and feared these biscuits being messed with too.  But my fears were unfounded, and these new additions are just as delicious as their older relatives.

We actually had good fun looking through the packs trying to find the five different dinosaur friends.

There’s Travis the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Trudy the Triceratops, Terry the Pterodactyl (I’d have gone for Peter on that one), Spike the Stegosaurus and Daisy the Diplodocus.

Plus there’s a sixth mystery dinosaur yet to be identified.

If you fancy trying some, then they have recently launched in both Asda and Sainsbury’s.

And while we find these biscuits ace, you have been reading a sponsored post.

I need the biscuits, man.