Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Getting away to Edinburgh with Best Western

As part of Best Western’s Get Up and Go initiative we were once more afforded a stay at one of their lovely hotels.

This was to be our final of four short-breaks with Best Western, and the first that I took without my son.

My girlfriend and I chose Edinburgh, and the Best Western Bruntsfield hotel to be precise, for our little childfree getaway.

Which isn’t code for something else.

Shamefully I’ve barely set foot north of the border, and bar a trip to Gretna Green to witness a friend’s wedding, I’d not trodden in Scotland before.

I think that’s right, I walked the full length of Hadrian’s Wall a few years ago, but if I recall correctly we spent all of our time on the southern side of it.

Edinburgh has been recommended to me a good few times, and actually many Scots have said that while it is a great place to go it isn’t really reflective of the rest of Scotland, as I suppose London isn’t overly relatable to for anyone who lives north of Watford.

The Bruntsfield hotel was perfect for us.  Just on the outskirts of town, so not too far to walk in from, but very quiet, apart from it’s bustling restaurant and bar.

With lots of things planned, like going to the castle, we spent the first afternoon just wandering in to Edinburgh and around the New (yet 300 years old) Town.

They were celebrating graduations at the town hall, at least that’s we guessed they were doing.  I hope some of the clever rubbed off on us.

We were back at our comfy hotel for dinner, and while the food has been excellent during all our stays with Best Western this was our favourite on that front.  We could see why they got just as many dinners who weren’t staying at the hotel eating in the restaurant.

The hotel staff were incredibly friendly, and all very enthused about Edinburgh, their favourite parts and activities.  This seemed to follow with not just the hotel staff but with people around the city, all the people working there we came across seemed very happy to be in Edinburgh, and very keen to tell us why.  Of course they could just be putting on an act to help promote tourism, and their job security, but they didn’t come across that way.  As a grumpy cynic I am always all too eager to point out if people are being false.

Despite the multitude of options we stuck to our plan of visiting the castle.

The free tour included as part of your entry is one I’d recommend, it was interesting to listen to the history of the castle and how it had evolved to what it is today.

Camera Obscura was our next stop, which was also great fun.  It was a very clear day so we very lucky to get good use of the series of mirrors and lenses at the top of the building that give you a view of the whole of Edinburgh.

It really is a very pretty place.

There isn’t a lot it doesn’t have.  The views around the city are stunning, the buildings, the estuary over to Fife and the rolling hills.  I even made use of the new panoramic feature on my iPhone.

We really did enjoy our stay again with Best Western, their hotels (to steal their tag line) are full of personality.  Each one if different, but consistent in standard, comfort and employing helpful staff.

Now when looking for a hotel, they are the one’s we will consider first.  We have actually booked our first trip with them as paying guests, to stay at their Adelaide hotel in Windsor, as a base for visiting London (only 30 minutes by train to Paddington BTW).

I hope that serves as a genuine recommendation for Best Western hotels, as that's what it is.

My sincere thanks to Best Western for their excellent hospitality.