Monday, 26 November 2012

Thrifty Christmas loveliness

We were back at the 99p Stores recently, once more armed with £50 worth of complimentary vouchers.

It feels like you can do a lot of damage for £50 in a store where everything is 99p or less, and it’s true, not least of all to you fingers.

Such was the weight of our haul the bags nearly cut off circulation to the ends of my fingers carrying them back to our car.

We’d been on this trip once before, last time spending nearly two hours in the store browsing to make the most of our vouchers.

I (unfairly) pinned a lot of this time on the boy taking far too long to deliberate over his purchases, but this time I wanted to speed up the process, so instead of taking Max with me I got him to make a target list from the 99p Stores website.

As my sister eloquently pointed out in her recent tirade against stereotyped Christmas advertising, I host my immediate family on Christmas Day.

I’ve always been a tad reluctant to go overboard on the decorations and Xmas paraphernalia, not least of all as I think a lot of it is expensive tat.

I’d rather spend my money on, err, actually I’d rather not spend my money on anything at all.  Scrooge has a bad rep, man.

Anyway, I was impressed with the Christmas aisle at the 99p Store.  I commented to the manager of the store that if someone had blindfolded me and dropped me off amongst their Christmas stuff, I’d not have guessed that I was in a bargain store.

And I’d never have assumed that a lot of the stuff they had available would have been on sale for less than a pound, perhaps in January so stores could shift it, but not in the run up to the festive period.

I was very happy with the festive part of our 99p shop.

We got some great stuff, both on a practical front – a giant foil roasting tin for our bird – and prettiness on the decorative front.  They even had some Christmas lights.

I topped up my battery stocks, as well as adding a couple of things to my Christmas tool kit.  See, I’ve learnt with all the packaging and battery compartments in kids’ toys, it’s good to have a little tool kit ready to go on Christmas day.

So if thrifty Christmas loveliness is your bag, you may want to go and fill it up at one of the 99p Stores locations.