Monday, 10 December 2012

Flying the flag for Lego

I've been doing that for a long time.

Max recently had a school project where he had to compare his favourite toys now, with the ones that were his parents and grandparents faves when they were eight-years-old.

Comparing his with mine was a simple task, as they were both the same, Lego.

Amongst my boy's expansive collection of Lego he has the bucket and basket fulls of plastic building bricks that I managed to amass during my own childhood.

We both heart Lego.

So when Lego came emailing, asking if I've like to join their blogging crew, what do you think my answer was?

Here's the answer.

We got our first bundle of free Lego stuff this week.

Amongst it was some proper cool stuff.  A couple of Lego games, a Captain America Hero, some Ninjago stuff and a Lego Advent Calendar.

That last thing has been a real hit here.

I know they are considerably more expensive than a traditional, or chocolate, advent calendar, but they seem to represent excellent value for 24 days worth of small Lego sets to build.  They can even be bought as an early Xmas present I suppose.

Max and I have had some great debates over which Lego sets to buy in the past.  I always argue that small sets with characters, rather than larger sets that really need to stay built to represent value for money, are the best way to go for him.

He's a competent Lego builder, not quite as much as the UK's only certified Lego builder, but can lose interest in building sets to get distracted and lost in a world of imaginative play with the characters and mini-figures he's built first from his new set.

There have been some exceptions.   We built the Lego police station over several stages and days during one of the summer school holidays, which was epic, and that is still in built form and played with.

But getting little sets to build daily had been great for Max, and I think it is slowly building his anticipation for Christmas day.

When he'll be expecting more Lego, no doubt.