Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So I wroted a book

Yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either.

When I was approached early last year I thought I was part of some unelaborate windup.

But the collective genius of New Holland publishers weren’t after cheap giggles, (even though they’ve got some) no they were actually after the insight of a man treading a predominantly female path.

My single parent dad story.

And so the concept for Parenting with Balls was born.

I can’t believe they actually stuck with my suggested title, I was sure it would be changed during the writing process, but by keeping the publisher busy and distracted with my inability to hit a deadline or a keyboard in a better sequence than an excited chimp, I think they forgot all about it.

There’s a lot of people I need to thank and acknowledge in making this all happen, but as I rarely sound sincere I will dwell a little more on how I best do that.  I simply hope they all know I appreciate being part of their lives and their incredibly positive impact on mine.

The book itself covers how I became to be a widower, how I struggled with facing a future without my wife and with the sudden sole responsibility of caring for a seven-month old baby.

There’s stuff about how I found the change from senior management meetings to parent and toddler groups.  How badly I handled inappropriate romantic approaches, as well as the nosey parkers inquisitive minds and doubters.

What it feels like when everyone expects you to be a woman, and some of the terrible treatment I got just because I wasn't.

It’s an honest account of a profoundly sad experience, but hopefully one riddled with hope, positivity and inspiration.

There may also be pictures with me covered in baby sick.

That must be worth a few quid on their own.

I hope that anyone that buys a copy enjoys reading it, and gleans something from it, even if it is just to really appreciate what you have already, or that it makes a wobbly table surface level again.

Parenting with Balls is available in the UK, Australia and will shortly be on sale in the US.

Links for the book:

Parenting with Balls on

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Parenting with Balls on The Book Depository (Free worldwide delivery)