Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Fatherhood music video

There’s nothing quite like being a dad.  But it doesn’t always feel that way.

Where the reality of looking after children, perhaps differs from your envisaged haze.

That’s a good use to word with parenting, haze.

Life can get a little blurry, and has anyone anywhere ever been prepared for the change in sleep patterns that children bring?  I know of no one, not a single sole, who has heeded those warnings of what differences children will make to your lives.

You can read about being a dad, you can seek advice from friends and family, but still the reality can take you by surprise.

This funny tongue-firmly-in-cheek music video is about the reality of becoming a dad.

It pokes a little fun that while parenting is totally worth it and no dad in their right mind would change it, that sometimes it isn’t very glamorous or easy.

The video is set in the all too familiar scene to many a dad, one father driving his car around just to get his kids to go to sleep.

I know that my dad used to do this for me, and my god son – bless him – wouldn’t take a nap in his first couple of years unless he was in motion.

Sometimes convenient but at others would seem a little ridiculous for his parents to drive him around just so he’d catch some shut eye.  

“Where am I now? What is my name? Are these my kids? Am I insane?”

Those are lyrics that definitely resonate.

The clean Fiat 500 not so much.  It’s a lovely looking car (my girlfriend regularly hankers after one), but do they really stay that way for long when you’ve got kids?

Forget sat nav, you don’t need it when your driving nowhere, new cars should come with a laminating option instead.

You could use the jet washer inside and out, then!

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