Thursday, 11 April 2013

Holiday hard work

I’m sure if you delved into the archives of this blog - as well as terrible language and questionable parenting protocols - you would find me pointing out how much hard work holidays can be with a child.

Not so much a vacation from work, more so a relative increase in graft.

This message isn’t to be confused, and I wholeheartedly love having my son off school, and especially being away with him, but I acknowledge how exhaustingly brilliant the holidays can be.

Not sure I’d get much sympathy, nor want it, but this picture helps make my point.

I’m relaxed on a sun lounger, but relaxation doesn’t extend to total, albeit literal, feet-up mode.

We’ve had a brilliant week on the isle of Lanzarote.

We usually head to Wales over the school Easter holidays, but the prolonged winter weather provoked us to go a little further afield this year.

Time to chillax, as the irritating kids put it.

But you can’t really switch completely off as a parent.

Max was brilliant, well behaved, and – as always – quick to make friends.

We were lucky that there were lots of other children at our hotel complex, they made a gaggle of temporary playmates, and I recalled doing similar on my own family holidays as a child.

Thing is he still needed a little supervision, watching in the pool, checking he didn’t throw chairs at the drag act, that sort of thing.

As well as keeping an eye on his behaviour and whereabouts I was also his Euro coin cash point.  “Can I have a Euro for the pool table, please?  Can I have a Euro for Air Hockey, please?  Can I have a Euro to donate to the Cyprus bailout, please?”

Rarely did he ask if I would play or spend his Euros with him.  I’d get invited into the pool when his friends had vanished for the day, oh, and I did gain temporary favour with my questions/water pistol game.  Get it wrong get wet, that sort of thing.

But generally he was off, on a figurative leash at least, with his new chums.

It’s fantastic that his independence is growing, and I was reminded that I didn’t want to thwart that to simply satisfy my own entertainment.

I want to raise an independent child, and I hope that I am going the right way about it.  I just need to remember to pack more reading material for me next time.