Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It’s too nice to be inside

How many times have you said that to your children?

How many times did you hear it as a child?

I’m still hearing it as an adult.

We enjoyed a gloriously sunny day at Legoland Windsor - courtesy of our Merlin Annual Passes (cheers Merlin) - on Sunday.  Experiencing their excellent Star Wars weekend, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to sit in Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder.

Okay, it was a replica with hidden wheels, but still, how cool?

We enjoyed further run-ins with Stormtroopers getting coffee, Wookiees thinking of nipping to buy keyrings of themselves from the Lego shop and even had time for some C3P0 mocking.

'What are you still doing inside?'

As always we had a great time at Legoland, at 8-years-old I think my son may be getting nearer the end of diminished appeal, but by having the excellently organised and no pressure selling Star Wars themed weekend, his enthusiasm didn’t dwindle on this trip.

We were perhaps even more delighted to get home to more glorious weather on Bank Holiday Monday.  A sunny national holiday in the UK, I thought those things were condemned to the Ozone layer/room 101?

But what do we do when we have sunshine?  We have a barbeque of course.

It was great to get out in to the garden, even though we were literally kicked out there by my lovely girlfriend.  Such is my expectation of poor weather, I’m not sure I even know what to do when the sun is out any more.

I instructed Max to do the same, relying on the age-old parenting classic:

“It’s too nice to be in here.”

So he went outside, and hid under his slide with our iPad.

‘Object defeating somewhat, you are’ as Yoda may say.

Still, he was relaxing in the fresh air, and it gave me a moment to enjoy a brief glance over my latest Private Eye.

And it wasn’t long before we were cooking meat, and him arranging a mini-Olympics (London legacy committee take note).

Events included boules and, my boy’s favourite, tag.

But he had a distinct advantage.

Chasing, and trying to get hold of, The Flash in his summer attire wasn’t easy.  Especially as my one-too-many BBQ burgers had put me into a Six Million Dollar Man esq slow-motion mode.

Anyway, we enjoyed our summer while it lasted.

Hope you did too.

After far too many years of thinking about it, I've actually added this post to the rather wonderful Tara Cain's Photo Gallery.  This week's topic is The Weekend.