Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Favourite Father’s Day

I’ve had nine Father’s Day now (which I may or may not have had to use a pencil and paper to work out).

Nine celebrations of fatherhood to a socially agreed timing.

I think my first Father’s Day - and only one Max’s mum was alive for – was probably my favourite.

I type ‘probably’ as I don’t remember much about it.  I still have the gifts I got, a small picture of Max and I in a ‘Superdad’ picture frame and a T-Shirt that said ‘I’ve found Jesus (he was behind the sofa)’ which proves my son had a sense of humour from just six months old.

Like I told the Daily Express last week, every day feels like Father’s Day to me.

I love being a dad.

But I also love a little lie in, like I got on Sunday.

Together with some sweets, pants and socks, a beautifully written poem that was equal parts praise and ridicule, plus a roast dinner with my nearest and dearest.

Max’s cards were lovely too.  A handcrafted and well thought out one made at school, and an equally well chosen and apt off-the-shelf number.

“If you were any cooler Dad, well, you’d be…….”


I like that on soooooo many levels.

I even managed to extend Father’s Day by 24 hours having a round of golf with my own old man on Monday morning.

Yeah, and, of course I let him win/make me look like a cave man discovering a golf club for the first time.

Looks like my mate Dan had a great Father’s Day too, and he puts the balance of cynicism versus appreciating family warmth and affection far better than I could.

Hope everyone else had days to rival ours too.