Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Family dining at Miller and Carter Steakhouse

When Miller & Carter, the experts in steak, extended an invitation to us to sample a two course dinner in one of their restaurants, it didn't take long for us to answer.

See, we love cow in this house.

I got quite a primitive sense of pride when I first introduced my boy to steak, and he has his since become something of a cow connoisseur.

So the right person to critique a restaurant claiming to be the experts in cow cooking.

It's always reassuring, but sometimes misleading, when the car park is full at a restaurant when you arrive.  Sometimes popularity is a good sign of quality, whereas loads of people can also just mean a place is cheap and cheerful.

Well we found Miller and Carter to certainly be cheerful, but I would never describe it as cheap.  More so a quality restaurant without exorbitant or prohibitive prices.  I know, I know, that would be one hell of a tag line. 

But if you are looking for a quality family meal out in a relaxed and superbly set restaurant, then Miller and Carter could be for you.

As for being family friendly, there were all sorts of people dinning there.  Couples of all ages, small groups of friends, families and groups celebrating something.

It's the kind of 'family friendly' I like.  The type that says they are welcome, there's a good menu for kids, but they should behave as well as our adult dinners are expected to.  Not the-kids-eat-free-or-freely and can often be found stood on furniture or running round the place like a playground type.

Might make me sound like a bore and a snob, but it isn't intended that way.  Sometimes when you are paying a reasonable amount for food, you want an ambience to reflect that, and relax in.

Miller and Carter certainly provide that and enough space at the table to keep your children entertained.

The food went down well.

As a complete ejjit man of limited brain function I can sometimes be overwhelmed by a menu, especially if I'm guiding my son too, and if there's combinations and deals to dissect.  The Miller and Carter menu is vast enough, yet so well laid out that I didn't behave like a man turning up for the wrong interview when the waitress arrived to take our order.

The service was excellent, and I guess that could have been down to us reviewing the restaurant.  However my girlfriend had actually taken her parents for lunch at the same restaurant a few months ago, and said that she thought the service they'd got that day had been amongst the best she'd experienced.

We were so full and satisfied after our starter and main meals, that all of us refused the offer of a free dessert! 

All in all a great night out for our little family.  One I'm sure we shall repeat on our own pocket in the future.