Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What word best describes you?

The wonderful Tara Cain recently asked a whole host of us interneterbods that very question.  

What word would you use to best describe yourself?

Now, is that an easy or difficult task for you?

As swear words were seemingly excluded from possible selection, it was a tough task for me.

Though, after thinking long and hard about it for 4.6 seconds I came up with one.

I asked my girlfriend to have a guess what I’d come up with.

“Brilliant,” she asked fully expecting me to go for something along the modesty killing lines.


“Wonderful, marvellous, incredible?”

“No, all true, but none of those.”

“Errrm.   Okay.  How about honest, genuine, constant?”

“No, again, there on my long list but no.”

“I went for……..”

“What?  Adaptable? Why?”

After I explained that I thought a picture would look quite good with the word adaptable made of different fonts (geddit), I went on, and on, and on about my adaptability.

“We are all adaptable.” She lovingly pointed out.

Which I know is absolutely true, yet constant change is the one thing that is, errr, constant in my being.

Okay, there’s some headline adapting I’ve made in my life.  Suddenly becoming a full-time single dad rather than the breadwinner in a 2.4 picture perfect family.

Living proof (and some in print) that I can turn my hand to something very different.

But I feel like I adapt well to situations, pursuits, ways I need to be in general.

I liked the list of things that Helen had suggested, and wouldn’t dispute any of them, not that anyone is likely too, even if those suggestions were wildly optimistic.

But I went for adaptable.

Adaptable is the one word that I think best describes me.

At least I do today, ask me again tomorrow.

What word would you choose?