Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Which came first? The toy or the box?

I had one of those lessons yesterday.  One that reminded me that not everything that kids like doing needs a marketing campaign.

On our walk home from school my son will sometimes ask me if anything has arrived of interest amongst the day’s post.  Toys he’s ordered, stuff we’ve been sent to try out, his Lego Club magazine.

As it happened we had quite a sizeable delivery yesterday.  We’ve been doing some home improvements, and a brand new set of living room furniture had arrived.

“Yes.  Our living room furniture has arrived, and you are going to help me with it,” I said to my now deflated and glum faced 8-year old.

The corners of his mouth then did an immediate 5cm or so upwards when I told him that the packing boxes our stuff had come in were massive.

His eyes widened.

It’s amazing how cardboard boxes can seem like completely the best thing ever to a child and a dad refusing to grow up.

He even picked up the walking pace such was his excitement on getting on with the task of furniture unpacking, albeit to be laced with some stealth role playing.

And I can’t fault him on his patience, he stuck to getting the furniture out of its packaging much better than me.  Making sure it was all done before building space stations and pretending we were trapped under the weight of a cardboard flap.

He even found a novel use for the use of plastic wrapping. 

But I reckon I was the bigger ninja yesterday.