Thursday, 24 October 2013

Do I need a life coach?

I need many things.

A better sense of reality, and a fully trained monkey butler amongst them, but do I really need a lifestyle coach?

As part of a campaign I’m helping E.ON with, I was afforded the chance to engage with a one of the country’s finest lifestyle gurus, Louise Presley-Turner.  E.ON are engaging with bloggers in changing their lives and lifestyles for the better, with the help of some well chosen experts.

Our session started even before Louise (and an E.ON film crew) came to visit me in my home.

She supplied some easy-to-use materials that asked me to score certain aspects of my life, together with a list of questions that would help me towards setting some specific and measurable goals to improve my life.

As someone whose gone through some massive life changes in a rush, I like to think I am reasonably good at getting things in perspective and taking action to improve the various facets that make up my existence.

Getting the balance about right, and evaluating what’s really important and prioritising matters as such.

However, I haven’t ever made that a formal process, which is a little surprising given my penchant for spreadsheets.

I think looking at your life in a structured way, and with someone there to guide you, and perhaps more so, make sure that you actually take action and follow up on the things you write down would benefit most people.

It would certainly help me.

Talking through my answers Louise’s resources had generated, quickly helped identify which areas I could make small improvements with, but those areas where I perhaps need to take more drastic action.

Louise is clearly well suited to lifestyle coaching and has a very approachable manner, extremely polite, but gets you to the point and focused.   Not always an easy task with moi.

I’m going to be accessing what I came out of the session with, and hopefully carry out some positive actions as a result.  If I'm brave I may even try recording my progress in a small video diary.  Watch this space.

So, would you consider using a lifestyle coach?