Wednesday, 23 October 2013

They made a Lego Batman Movie!


You read that correctly.

Breath easy, and say it slowly.

Or more accurately, Lego DC Superheroes movie.  Even more that JUST Batman, all the heroes from that stable.  And we are amongst the first to get to see it!

We are huge fans of the Lego Batman franchise.  Building the sets, playing the video games, and now, watching the film.

My son, Max, was inconsolable when he accidentally deleted all our saved data from our Lego Batman 2 game playing.  Though he was quickly over it, when we suffered the ‘hardship’ of having to play our way though the game from start to finish again.

Parenting doesn’t get much tougher than that.

So what about the film?  Is it any good?

The short answer is yes.  The longer one is be damn sure it is.

I’ve always thought that the video interludes in the videogame were of a very high standard and a little wasted, but now I know they had a plan.  Doesn’t Batman always have one?

The graphics used are awesome, or I think the more accurate description is ‘sick’.  That’s what my nearly nine-year-old made of them anyway.

There’s lots of humour in the film for both youngsters and the young at heart.  

There’s a scene where Batman and Superman come to visit Lex Luthor which is particularly amusing.

With a just over 60 minutes running time, it's far from being short, the prefect length, and it keeps a child’s attention (and a easily distractable 36-year-old for that matter).  We didn’t even once reach for a tablet or smartphone, like we can do sometimes if movies drag a little.

Not the case with this one at all.

And I'm guessing this is a film that my boy will want his friends to watch when they come round.  I may even share it with my friends, that's if I had any, of course.

Where's Robin when you need him?