Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I may have to change the name of my blog

Because I’m getting married.

Yes, lightening really does strike on multiple occasions, and in 2014 – barring someone very, very special coming to their senses – I will be getting spliced, and become someone’s husband.

I am incredibly happy about it, especially as it isn’t something I ever envisaged happening.

You may be as shocked as I am.

There have been mentions of my girlfriend over the last few years here on Single Parent Dad, but I’ve been a smidge reluctant to go in to too much detail.

There has been a colossal amount of material I guess I could have used, like dating for the social inept, introducing a new partner to a child, dating someone without kids and not comparing life now to the past, but I’ve not really gone there.

I didn’t really want to jeopardise what I knew was a good thing from the very beginning, nor did I want to be left looking like even more of a muppet than I usually do when it all went tits up.

But it hasn’t.

And with the help of my beautiful son, and best man, I got my wonderful girlfriend to accept a proposal of marriage.

That was supposed to spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?” in fairy lights and its great-idea-poorly-executed ethos probably sums up what my future wife is in for.

It was important for me to involve my son, Max, in the process as it’s a change that affects him enormously too.  He’s as happy as I am.  I’ve been incredibly proud of how he’s handled the changes that have come with the permanent introduction of a woman in both our lives.

They are both richer for them.

His words:
“You’d better ask her quick Dad, before someone else makes her a better offer”

“It’s actually a good thing that the proposal went a bit wrong as we all laughed and will always remember it.”

Will be ones I always hope to treasure.

I know it hasn’t been easy for my beautiful fiancé, Helen, either.  Dealing with my shenanigans, general demeanour, as well as the crap that goes along with dating a widower.  But one of the many reasons I know we’ll be happy together is the way she’s dealt, and continues to deal, with all those things.

She ignores and adores in very good measure.

So there it is, I won’t really be a single parent dad anymore.  Helen says I am still about 75% in charge, but I say it is more like a controlling interest of 51%.  And this is solely when it comes to parenting matters.

Shouldn't mean an awful lot changes here, I may change the title of the blog, or at the very least change my 6 year-old header banner, but for now I plan to churn out the same nonsense I've done since the creation of Single Parent Dad.