Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Visiting London with a Merlin Annual Pass

We love our trips to London.

Ever since Max has been a toddler we’ve been fairly regular visitors.

Staying with friends we’ve been regulars at the capital’s excellent free museums, such as the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

But during our latest trip to London we were armed with our Annual Merlin Passes.

Merlin generously sent us these passes last year, and we’ve been maximising their use since.

We’ve already visited Warwick Castle, The Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, Alton Towers resort as well as the excellent array of Merlin Attractions in Blackpool.

And such has been our enjoyment so far, we were super excited about ticking more Merlin attractions off our hit list.

First off was Madame Tussauds.

My boy absolutely loved visiting Tussauds in Blackpool - citing it as his favourite visit of the summer holidays – and armed with the information that the London Tussards has a Marvel exhibition together with a 4D cinema experience, it’s a wonder he didn’t explode.

It was horrendous weather on the day we visited London very early in the new year.  But the queue with our passes was relatively short, and all undercover, so we were protected from the elements pretty much as we got off a Baker Street tube.

Tussauds was busy as you may expect during a school holiday, but not to the extent that we couldn’t enjoy our visit.  It was a good lesson for Max in learning how to remain polite but keep you place in queue of people waiting to have their moment with a waxwork.

And he got his moments.

Lots of them.

I had a little 'moment' of my own.

It really is a fun place to visit, and the addition of the Marvel folk is something to get excited about.  We all enjoyed the 4D experience and were smiling and laughing.  Which considering the Hulk sneezed on us and Wolverine slashed our backs, is quite something.

Tussards was once again a hit.  But we didn’t stop there.

We then headed across to The London Sea Life Aquarium.  Which being open until 20:00 during school holidays we had plenty of time to make.

The London Sea Life experience again is a very enjoyable one, it doesn’t have the otters of Birmingham, but it still has a great deal.  Lots of sharks, and perhaps a few more impressive walkways, tunnels and viewing walls than some of the other Sea Life centres.

Sea Life centres as well as being entertaining, are brilliant places to learn.

Like the others there was a challenge to follow, and as well as all the information that accompanies the various species of fish, there are also fact titbits that I enjoy storing to reel (gedditt????) off later.

Again, Sea Life was a hit.

We’d also hoped to have a ride on the London Eye, which is right next door to the Sea Life centre, but sadly had timed our visit during its annual maintenance period.  Which at least  gave us an excuse to come back again soon.

We could have also tried the London Dungeons, which are in that area of London too, with our Merlin Passes, but like they say on their website they aren’t for everyone, and we decided to leave them for another time.

All in all we really enjoyed our visit to Merlin’s London attractions, and hope we will be doing so again in the future.