Thursday, 27 February 2014

Top Secret World Book Day Event

I am involved in a top level, secret, classified, tell-you-in-a-sentence-or-two-and-nothing-at-all-will-happen-to-you event for World Book Day.

I’m not really one for gifting, I don’t do cards, and I am a colossal advocate of present gifting amnesties.

I’ve never taken part in a Secret Santa, more so just seeing them as another small tax on your employment.

“Can’t we all just buy ourselves something, or at least pretend that we have?”

I have such a sunny disposition.

But, that all scribed, when the publisher Miles Kelly got in touch to ask if I fancied becoming a secret World Book Day giver, I jumped at the chance replied yes in an email.

I was a tiny bit disappointed I couldn’t just pick anyone at random to send any book to, just think how cruel, or perhaps, kind, you could be with that?

Instead I was allocated a fellow blogger to choose and send a book for from the extensive Miles Kelly catalogue.

I hope I picked well, but whoever got me is either a clairvoyant or within 300 metres of our house with a listening device.

They were bang on the money with this.

I love science, my son loves science, and as it happens his half-term homework project was to research and prepare a presentation about………..yes, you guessed it:


He chose to do something on the planets, and I loved re-learning things with him as he discovered them for the first time.  I learnt that Mercury, yet closer to the Sun than Venus, is cooler as it doesn’t have an atmosphere.

Check me out.

And Max has a new favourite planet.

If he thought that Uranus was funny before, just think how funny he thinks that such is the temperature and pressure on Neptune it turns methane gas into diamonds.

“So basically I could fart diamonds on Neptune, dad?”

Ooooh to be a fly on the wall during his school project presentation.  I feel a call/strongly worded letter home coming on.

All in all this is a great little project to have been involved in, and I’ve long been involved and interested in World Book Day initiatives tying up neatly with some of my work with Tidy Books.

What will you be doing this World Book Day?