Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Married Parent Dad

I finally got round to butchering my already pants blog banner in Photoshop changing my blog’s header.

And for good reason.

I got married.

Yes.  Moi.  Married.

What can I type, my wife loves a man that can pretend to speak French.

We had a glorious day, and summer in general really, topping all our previous epic summer holidays.

The best, best man ever kept me calm, in-check(ish) and incredibly well supported.

There really was no other person for the job.  And I mean that in the positive sense.

His auntie helped him prepare his wedding speech, which turned out to be a pre-recorded interview with Max, where he basically talked about my genitals for a few minutes.

Yeah, not at all embarrassing.

He really did a sterling job, bringing tears of laughter, joy and merriment from all corners of the lovely oak pavilion he performed in.

The day went just as we hoped it would, and whilst never forgetting the past, marks a significant part in the next chapter of our lives together as a new family