Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Wicked Uncle review

No, my nephew hasn’t learned to write yet, and if he could I’m not sure he’d use that description for me.

He’d probably use the much stronger language I’ve taught him.

Anyway, ever had trouble picking out age-appropriate presents for children?

Especially for kids you don’t know too well?

The idea behind Wicked Uncle is to make that process a much easier one.

It can be a nightmare buying presents for kids, especially if you don’t have any yourself, or any experience for buying for boys or girls of a certain age.

The Wicked Uncle website is very simple and easy to follow.

All gifts are categorised by age and by gender.

Now I know the later will perhaps cause some consternation, and as a parent I don’t like to see things genderised.  However as someone buying a gift for someone else’s child I want an easy and safe bet for a gift.

Buying presents for other people's children made easy

And that’s whom Wicked Uncle is aimed at, it isn’t for parents, it’s a site targeting help for uncles, aunties, cousins and friends alike, desperate to make a good choice of kid’s gift.

The site at the very least gives you a good idea of what may be age appropriate for a child, which is especially useful for younger children who may not be ready for your gift idea and can grow past toys very quickly.

As well as descriptions and images, the site also carries small video descriptions and demonstrations for most items.

In the digital age, videos are very useful when making buying decisions, and were the things I found myself clicking on first when appraising specific gift ideas.

There seems to be an emphasis on quality over quantity on the site, however it certainly doesn’t feel like you lack choice.   More so you don’t get overwhelmed with pages and pages of products that some sites will offer you.

For the ultra lazy busy they offer a gift-wrapping service with a variety of options, and will even set a reminder so you don’t forget the same birthday next year.

I certainly recommend bookmarking this site for a try the next time you need a present for someone else’s child.

Disclosure: Wicked Uncle sent me some toys in return for an honest review.