Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Looking good in Regatta Outdoor Clothes

My boy has always enjoyed a good pose.

So when Regatta sent him some of their quality outdoor clothes to test drive, he jumped on his opportunity to get into model mode.

Check him out.

Regatta's Next Top Model

There are some clothes where quality is less important, due to the likelihood of a child only needing to wear it for one season, or because they quickly out grow them.

But a kid always needs a quality coat, and that’s what you know you are going to get from Regatta.

Regatta is a brand I’ve liked a long time, and have long bought their gear during our regular summer holidays in Wales, often getting end of season bargains ready for the next year.

We’ve got a caravan closet full of Regatta coats that have stood the test of time, sometimes even outlasting caravans.

We are also partial to a good body-warmer.  I would put them on my very short list of favourite things in the world.

And it seems my boy would too (albeit his list may be a little longer), as he has proudly worn his bright red Regatta body-warmer at every opportunity since receiving it.

I’m always amazed how useful I find a Marty McFly life preserver.

So if you are looking for the perfect outdoor holiday gear for your kids, then Regatta would be worth checking out.