Friday, 8 May 2015

Britain's Next Prime Minister?

What makes a good politician?

Does such a thing even exist in the modern age of politics?

Well, one may very well be upon us in the not too distance future.

As a parent I am often pondering what my son’s life will be like as an adult, and perhaps how I can have a positive influence on it now.

What does your child want to be?

Children are always asked what they want to be when they grow up, and I think it truly is a gift if someone knows what they want to do with their life, and what particular field they want to exist in.

My son, Max, flits from declaring a wish to be a sportsman of some kind, to perhaps designing toys or directing movies.

He certainly has aptitudes in lots of those areas, and could very well succeed in one of them.

However he’s also a great lateral thinker, with a fantastic ability to quickly apply things he’s learnt to other situations.

He gets to solutions, or reasons behind things, fast.

Speaking In Public

Yesterday, on the day of the 2015 General Election no less, I was invited to see my son perform at a school assembly.

In the past these have always been intimate affairs, usually 50 or so watching, and he’s usually been singing or acting.  He does a mean Elvis impersonation by the way.

This was different.  Very different.

Stood in front of an audience well over 400 people, a mix of adults and children all older than him, Max delivered a speech - one he’d only bothered to look at the night before – that knocked my socks off.

Public speaking scares the hell out of me, and I was probably even more concerned by how my son may feel stood in front of all these people with a microphone in his hand.

But he spoke beautifully.

His words were in perfect context and grammar, not a single stumble, not a sign of nerves or over excitement, and all performed without the aid of a single prompt or written reminder.

I was more than a little impressed.

I was sat there pondered a future where I’d be sat listening to him delivering words on a much bigger stage.

Taking Office

He’s very good at putting his point across, remaining calm in any disagreement, and changing his angle to get to his ultimate aim.

Skills that could come in very useful should he consider a career in politics.

In fact, he’s already taken his first position in office.

After a short election campaign, he was overwhelming voted in as a representative on a school council panel.

First his form tutor declared how impressed they were with his performance and election speech.

And since taking office, both his school council liaising teacher, and even the school’s headmaster, have already admitted to being impressed.

Apparently his contributed very effectively to the council, putting arguments across and winning them, despite being one of the youngest members.

He’s proving to be quite a formidable child, one that will no doubt make a formidable adult.

One you may well be applying your cross for on a ballot paper soon.