Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wanted: An epic holiday (and a normal bilirubin level)

Anyone got one going spare?

We are 72 hours or so from the end of the school year, which means both of the most important people in my life will be on holiday.

The boy and the wife are both excited to get their feet up, go off on adventures and spend some quality time together.

They’ve both worked so hard in 2015.

Complications with gallbladder removal, and obstructive jaundice, have left me a literal shadow of my former self.  I’ve lost 4 stone, or put a more dramatic way, 30% of my total body weight.

I’ve literally been off my feet from the start of May, so they’ve picked up most of my jobs as well as taken incredibly good care of me.

Max has matured so much, becoming the man of the house, taking on tasks like putting the bins out and helping Helen, my wife, with all sorts of tasks.


Finally it feels like the NHS has finally got their act together, and I am now making steady progress towards a full recovery.

Perfect timing for the holidays to come and aid my recuperation, mind I am currently grimacing anytime I consider looking at my bank balance.  And I’ve only managed to do that with one eye open, and for a second or two.

At the same time that a break and quality time together as a family unit is quite literally what any doctor would order, I could really do with getting back to work too.

We have several UK short-breaks planned, which luckily were largely paid for prior to my enforced extended break from self-employment.


To be frank 2015 has taught me many things, with its overriding force-fed-repetitively-rammed-down-your-throat-by-endoscopy theme that you have nothing without your health.

Don’t know why 2015 didn’t get the memo from previous years, but I didn’t really need the reminder.

I’m more grateful for my existence than ever before, and long may that continue.

Albeit hopefully one a little less yellow, and perhaps spent on a sun lounger somewhere beautiful.