Monday, 17 August 2015

Is Blackpool Pleasure Beach Good for Toddlers?

The very short answer is: YES.

We were back at the best UK family theme park this summer, and this time we had our 16 month-old nephew, with us.


If your child is under two, they are granted free entry to the Pleasure Beach.  But won’t be able to get on any rides without tickets or a wristband.

Whether you opt to get a wristband or a few ride tickets will depend on your particular child and circumstance.  A wristband makes it uncomplicated, and means your child can ride as many times as they want, rather than just watch others enjoy them.

However if your child is unlikely to go on lots of rides, or not like them, a wristband would probably work out as an expensive an unnecessary expense.


You might not think it, but there are actually 17 rides without restrictions on, meaning as long as a child can walk unaided, they can take a ride on them.

We were issued with a list of the eligible rides when we collected our passes and wristbands.  The list proved very useful, and was something we referred to a lot as we found ourselves in the different areas of the park.

The rides a toddler can go on vary a lot, from the predicable ones aimed at younger children in Nickelodeon Land, to things like the Ghost Train and Derby Racer in other areas of the park.

Despite there being a vast number of rides to chose from, the Pleasure Beach is very compact and generally flat, so there isn’t much walking for a toddler, or pushing for you if taking a pushchair.

We had a pushchair, which one of us stayed with, or we left outside the rides if we were all riding.  It was easy and not an inconvenience at all.


My nephew’s parents are well organised and took lots of food and snacks with them, but they needn’t have bothered.  There are plenty of food options, not all terribly healthy as you’d expect at a theme park, but my nephew shared a healthy ham salad baguette with his dad.

There are also plenty of toilets dotted around the park, and you can use the ones at some of the fast food outlets like Burger King.


As per my previous Blackpool Pleasure Beach tips I would recommend getting to the park in good time and ‘ticking off’ as many rides as you can in the first 90 minutes or so.

And I wouldn’t necessary say to target the biggest and most popular rides, instead I’d target those with a low rider turn over.

What I mean by that is some rides only take a few passengers at a time, and therefore mean long waits even for modest or small queues.

Many of the Nickelodeon rides are like that, especially as younger riders take a little longer to get on and off the rides.

So I’d target some of them, and then things like Alice in Wonderland, and the Ghost Train.

Then when the park gets busier I’d head for the higher turnover rides like the Derby Racer, the Flying Machines and River Caves.

My other tip would be to eat lunch early, by doing so you’ll encounter shorter queues at wherever you are eating, and also will be on the rides when the masses are sat eating or queuing for food.

All in all we had another fantastic day at the Pleasure Beach.  We were on the park from opening till gone 6pm, and without any major complaint from the kids in our party, including the toddler.

The Pleasure Beach provided some of our party with free ride wristbands. Share/Save/Bookmark