Friday, 16 October 2015

Is Netflix good for families?

The shortish answer is:  It is for ours.

I was asked earlier this year if I’d like to join the Netflix UK Streamteam.  It came at a great time, or terrible time to be more precise, as I was about to begin a period of prolonged recuperation.

It actually ended up being even longer than planned, and Netflix became a great friend throughout that time.

Why Our Family Loves Netflix

But it wasn’t just me test driving Netflix, it was the rest of the household too.

Which brings me neatly to the first thing we all love about Netflix.

We Love The Netflix Startup Screen

It’s so simple and easy to use, yet is tailored and personalised to exactly who is watching or using it.

With each of us having our own log in, a simple select and click, we were instantly at the stuff we really want to see, rather than having to ignore or scroll through all the other crap
quality programming of interest to another party within the household.

Netflix learns what you like, recommends other programmes and even emails you when new content you might like is available.

And the algorithms are so much better than other services that the recommendations are actually relevant and useful rather than ridiculous and random.

It is so much easier to use than iPlayer, ITVplayer, and whatever Channel 4 is calling its streaming service this week.

It beats Sky Go and MUBI comfortably too.

We are a houseful of idiots, with myself as chief idiot, and I haven’t broken Netflix yet or got stuck with it.  And when I’m watching a series, like the awesome Breaking Bad, each time it reminds me where I’ve watched up to and queues the next episode.

Very simple stuff, but on other streaming services, or recorded content devices I’ve used, I’m often watching the wrong episode for a few minutes due to it being marked as read, or me simply being unable to recall an episode by its synopsis.

It’s great for the boy too, as he’s able to watch a film in chunks, and at everyone’s convenience.  Even switching to his iPad when we kick him off the TV.

The content on Netflix is awesome too.  Always something for all tastes.  And for whatever combination of tastes we have.

We’ve all watched films together like Monster University and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  I’ve watched The Hobbit and other action movies with the boy.  And have had romantic* nights in with the wife watching To Catch a Thief and other timeless classics.

Plus I gorged on the likes of Fargo and Breaking Bad through my convalescence.  And I’ve probably more than I could ever watch still queued in ‘my list’.

I’ve not paid for a TV subscription service of any type in the last ten years, but Netflix is the first I would pay for, when they inevitably kick me off their UK Streamteam for some future misdemeanour.

But for now, tonight in fact, it will be feet up and family movie night on Netflix.

Long may it continue.

*Whatever that means