Friday, 15 January 2016

Top 3 Family Films on Netflix

We are actually after some quality family film advice.

We are a household of three.

One female and two gentlemen.

Our female’s favourite films are The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz and most of the films directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The older of the gents, moi, is a Star Wars, Stand by Me and anything by Wes Anderson fan.

The youngest in the household (Max 11 years-young) changes his preferences with the wind.  Though he does love to laugh, is daft and would join his father on any Star Wars pilgrimage.

Finding a family film we all like

Finding a movie that all three of us enjoy is no mean feat.  A feature to satisfy one or two of us is easily found, but picking one to meet the approval of all members of our discerning trio can be a herculean task.

Family movie nights are great whatever the film, but the best ones are those where we all get something out of watching our collective choice.

Here’s the top three movies we’ve enjoyed together on Netflix, and we welcome some suggestions for any more you can recommend.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

We had some good family fun with this one.  It was a little bit of a cheat, as Max had seen this one previously with his grandparents.  But we trusted his advice one family movie night, and we were rewarded with 90 minutes of giggling and guessing the voices of this Aardman stop-motion animated daftness.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Who doesn’t like this film?  Actually it’s a fine line in this house.  We all love this one, but do not share love of films that I would consider similar like Napoleon Dynamite, Waynes World or the Bill and Teds' Adventures.  This one really stands the test of time, and appeals to all of us.  Especially the juvenile mind, of mine, and the ever so slightly more grown up one of my eleven year-old son.

Super 8

This was actually the first film my wife and I saw together.  On our second date, after a disaster getting my old Land Rover into the cinema car park,  Super 8 saved the day.  Even though its action made me jump a few times watching it on the big screen, not exactly covering myself in glory.  Unlike watching it the first time I managed to keep it together cuddled up with the boy on a second viewing.  It’s a J J Abrams film, and is a more grown up sci-fi version of the Goonies.  We all loved it and this movie probably currently qualifies as the best film we’ve watched as a household on Netflix.

Family film recommendations?

Can it be topped though?

Netflix does a good job, the best I've seen actually, of recommending other films we might like based on what we've already watched.  Its algorithms are pretty good, picking out viable movies rather than totally random flicks from its library.

That typed there's still nothing like a personal recommendation.  Especially given the fact that we all have quite different tastes.

So what family film, Netflix or otherwise, would you recommend to us to sit down to next?

No pressure, but our next family movie night is scheduled for today!