Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Help finding quality family films on Netflix

I’ve written before about how much we enjoy our Netflix nights in.  Family movie night is often the highlight of our week.

I’ve also banged on about how hard it is to agree on a film that we are all going to enjoy.

We ask for movie advice from friends and folks of the internet all the live long day.  You can’t beat a personal recommendation from someone with similar tastes, plus it gives you something to bash them with if their suggestion ends up being crud.

Netflix also does a brilliant job of running a combination of algorithms and people (yes, they use real people) to analyse your viewing history to recommend other things you may like.

Rather than get a random recommendation, or receive generic lists of all the movies the actors or directors you’ve watched have also been involved in.

And it’s for that reason, when we’re asked “Who’s watching?” when logging in to Netflix, we now have a family profile.

Ingenious use of Netflix profiles

Netflix is so easy to use, and like I’ve said above there’s a real advantage to having individual profiles.

And I think that’s how most people use profiles, for individuals.  They are brilliant when you are binge watching individually, and I’ve always got on eye on my personalised recommendations when I’m nearing the end of a series.  The profiles fall down a little when we are watching together, as our taste vary so much.

For family movie nights, we were using one of our individual profiles and then searching for a film title to watch as a unit.  But because viewing history is dominated by one individual, lots of the suggestions weren’t really valid, and it was taking a little longer to find something to watch.

Not a massive first world problem, but one we think we’ve solves with the genius of a family profile.

For the eagle eyed, you’ll also note we’ve added a profile for our nephew, Bertie.  After I found recommendations for Peppa Pig based on my viewing history.

They are so easy to create, and even useful for only occasional use, like in the case of our favourite little Netflix loving visitor.

Nephew Bertie in full Netflix mode

So that’s our recommendation, if you have a Netflix account, add your family as a profile, so when you’re watching together you build a viewing history that will get you superbly qualified recommendations in the future.

It may* even stop me bothering the interweb for movie ideas.

*Probably not