Monday, 18 July 2016

Major Daddy Blogger Influence

Never let it be typed, or muttered at a blogging marketing convention for that matter, that Daddy Bloggers have no relevance.

On Friday night, at precisely 11pm (BST Time), the unthinkable happened.

My watch broke.

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Having shared the news I was instantly inundated with several, not several hundred, not several thousand, not even several millions of views, comments and re-wotsits.  I literally had several interactions with the world-at-large via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Mindful that I'd advised the world that I was going to be in the market for a brand new Casio F-91W - the watch of champions - I quickly set about reserving one for collection the following day.

Argos indeed took note.

And my reservation.

So on Saturday, after notifying our home insurer of the temporary need to use my posh watch away from the house, I set off to get my brand new everyday timepiece.

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All was going swimmingly, reservation number was effortlessly entered into the Argos pay & collect system, and I'd got my payment card handy.

But I'd massively underestimated my influence as a half-arsed Daddy Blogger.

The price had shot up to £8.99! That's nearly 30% to those of you working at the expected standard in Key Stage 2 mathematics.

A few daft tweets and the machine had taken note, going all Bobby Axlerod on my ass.

I wasn't having it though, so I prepared my full 'don't-you-know-who-I-am?' mode, and caught the attention of a human being in the employment of Argos.

As it happens she recognised my mental health issues me straight away.

She came up with some ruse that Argos had just re-launched its catalogue and thus had revised some of its prices.  But we all obviously know the real reason for this price hike, blatant opportunism of a social media powerhouse.

However as she was happy with the evidence contained in my reservation email obviously a fan, she happily overrode the system and I'm now the proud owner of my 9th Casio F-91W.

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The only confusion now is how much to insure it for?

But the more important point to stress, and I will be stressing this at an annoying frequency, is the power of Daddy Bloggers.  Just imagine if I was actually any good at it?

P.S. I wish I could say that no Casios were harmed in the making of this blog post, but the evidence above is damning.  Sorry for any distress caused by the moving video footage.  A helpline is under consideration.